mvray2bAIt was Marsden Day  again so up at 4.45am Oh how I struggled to get out of bed. Between then and 10 to 6 life was a blur a hazy sleepy blur. I remember walking louis up the lane but only just. Journey up was OK. But  the rest of the day  went down hill we had bloods done by 8.30  doctors checkup by 945 thena trip down to the cafeteria for a coffee. Hopefully the drug will be up  by 1.30 ish like last time. But No such luck today we were called in for the drug at 2.45 but  by the time the needle was inserted ready for the first drips was 3.30 so it was well after 4 pm before we saw the outside. Climbing into the car was agony everything was to hot to touch. So with all windows open and aircon swithed on we set off for home. The end of it No way. The bloody French on strike again so operation stack was on the M25 was ok but by the time we hit M26 all stop 20 minutes to cover 20 feet was the norm. We finally hit our carpark at almost 6.30pm another long day.

The only  good bit is I can see mavis preparing  dinner knowing that she is safe for another 2 weeks makes it all worth while bless her.


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