Ive an email telling me Mavis new hard drive will be despatched this afternoon.. So we wont be going away today.

Ive had our Dyson to bits today. a clean and a drop of oil. Its got so noisy lately.

2.30 pm .Just received email  telling me my HD isnt coming  untill Monday. After cancelling our weekend. We decided to get away tomorrow ,so Ive postponed delivery untill Tuesday. Someone has to sign for it.

Just had a quote to change my boiler. £2300.00. Disgusting.


I was up early  today despite still feeling sick. But it  ocured to me in the night. mavis new hard drive may be here today. And they will be collecting the old one. When I packed it I never deleted stuff off it. I had to  cut open the box and re connect the  hard drive so I could take her private stuff. Otherwise anyone  testing or plugging it in  would be able to access her stuff. I would have been in deep deep trouble if it went wrong. But after my panic and still not fully awake i did it and re packed it.

I havent got Mavis hard drive yet.  maybe tomorrow.




I think we have got over the worst  of yesterday. Mavis although  Tired is much better today Me I have been ok  up to about  1 ish then that sicky  feeling came back. Louis walk was a bit hairy. I thought I was going to be sick but I wasnt. I  crept  into the front room and crashed out  for a couple of hours. Thats normal  a day after the marsden day mental and physical  exhaustion .

You would think it was me on the treatment instead of mavis.

Update on my  computer . I had email this morning. They have reloaded windows onto a new hard drive and it should go out today. Ive packed the old one and its ready for collection. With luck it will be here tomorrow.

I only hope I can remember how it all goes back together.

If the weather holds we may get a few days camping in at the weekend. I think we  both need a break.

Walking up the lane this morning I saw hundreds of young small butterflys. Clouds of them it was like walking through snow flakes. They were swarming over the blackberry bushes and they are only just at the bud stage.


Long ole day . mavis woke me up at 4 am. Wake up wake up she was pushing me. Weve overslept she said. What? . Its 4 am we have another 45 mins yet. But  we were awake now so up we got.

I was up earlier at just past midnight I felt really sick. And chronic indigestion. So I didn’t sleep much anyway.

Mavis said she felt sick  too. The journey up  we both felt sick.

We left for the Marsden at 5.45. We arrived at 8 am. We  went straight to the toilets and then for a coffee. At 8.30 Mave was called in for Bloods and stuff. At  10 to 10 in to see the doctors. Wow  this is early. No problems. She didn’t mention the sick feeling in case it caused problems. But we went down for a coffee and a bun but Mavis didn’t want anything she said she felt rotten so we made our way back to the waiting room. She said Ray I feel terrible what should I do. If i say anything they may cancel my drug.  So I went and spoke to Lorraine the senior nurse  and said Mavis is not feeling well. Whoosh she was ahead of me  straight  into  see her. Whats the matter  she asked. It’s not like you to be sick. You are always so bubbly. She took her into the treatment ward got her sat in the comfy chair. She did temperature and BP readings. She said I am not happy with this and she went and got a doctor. I said we were both feeling sick earlier but I am a bit  better now. She was given intravenously an anti sickness drug.They decided to postpone the drug for an hour . The nurse went and fetched a warming belt because she was shivering uncontrollably and she was so flushed. The wrapped her in a blanket. I sat  over her and she dropped off for a bit. An hour later  when they checked both readings had improved ever so lightly. But as the change was a little better and not  worse. They decided to  continue with the drug. While we waited we were offered tea and coffee and Toast. Mavis said she felt a bit better. At 3pm all was done and we left for home. What we had not anticipated was the effect operation stack was going to have. we sat on the m20 for over an hour and covered less that 2 trucks lengths. Lots of us got out and were walking about on the motorway. We  finally got home at touching 6 pm. that’s 3 hours to  do an hour and 30 min journey.

What I would like to do  to those selfish french is not printable here. We hear that we can’t refuse immigrants because its EU law to have freedom of movement. But what about my freedom of movement when because of them Kent comes to a grinding halt. Dont I have any civil rights as a citizen. No I don’t.


linda r n Mave

I just dont remember taking this picture. It may not even be mine. But I like it. It was during a recent visit to London.

Another Brilliant Ebay seller. I got a computer from ebay on 17 june. £0 day returns Buyer pays for postage and all that guff. Well its over 30 days now. But its got a noisy hard drive. Its really annoying  . So late last night I emailed them not to complain but  explaining  the situation. I said it sounds like cardboard  rubbing on  the spokes of a cycle and its constant. I explained Ive had it out the case to check. Would they accept just the drive back.

At 7.30 this morning a reply that surprised me. Of course  we will accept it. please send a photo of the particular M/C so we can reload windows on a new drive we will collect the old one from you on delivery.

HOWs That for service. No fuss or bother.


Ive sent 4 pictures now so I am in there hands. I will keep you posted.



I was trying to determine how old louis is today. My son recently said he is about 9 or 10 years old. NO way we said he is around 8. So I set to  trawling back through old diaries. No joy  checked Blue Cross Memorial where I put his memorial. They said  no records found.

Then I remembered my little brown book. I used to write poetry and keep it in there. Lo and behold I found the poem I wrote for my previous Dog. Sasha  a jack Russel. She was 16 Years old when we lost her on a holiday in Cornwall. That was 2006. We came home that day and heartbroken we said No more dogs ever. We disposed of  her bedding and Toys. We moped about for about 6 weeks . Missing her every day. At that time Mavis was a keep fit  enthusiast and the women who ran the classes was a dog rescuer.

She knew we had recently lost our pet and she phoned one day and said. She has a dog that is in  danger and desperately needs a good home. He would be just right for us. Would we like to meet him. No thanks we said. And as the next couple of days passed we decided that it wouldn’t hurt  just to  see this dog. So we agreed to  meet him. So we accepted her offer. We  drove round to her house and knocked. We were met with bedlam behind the door Dogs barking  and jumping about. I’ve lost count of just what she had but it was several cats several dogs and god only knows what else. She said the dog isn’t here its up the road . We would have to follow her. So we set off a short journey away. She said the dog was being ill-treated and desperately needs re homing. We stopped outside a house and she asked us to  wait on the pavement. She  spoke to  a girl  at the door and we saw a white dog running out into the garden. It was a bit of a shock . Our  jack was short and neat. one you could easily pick up. What we were looking at was a taller dog covered in hair. Not at all like a Jack Russel.

I looked at Mavis  ,Mavis looked at me. What do you think  she asked me. Hm! Not sure I said. Still having the picture in my mind of our recently lost little Jack. I don’t actually remember saying Ok but we must have. Because shortly this dog was presented to us on a short bit of string. It had no  collar and no lead. It walked slowly up to us with head  bowed down. We made an attempt to  socialize  but it wasnt interested. But we put him in the Motorhome and drove back  to the womans house. Where we paid for  him. She said it was to help with vets bills etc.

When we arrived home he was very subdued and walked the short journey from our car park  to the front door without incident. He came in and we sorted food and water for him all of which was of little interest to him. He was very quiet . The rest is history really.

today as I said trying to  check his age. All this took place in 2006. Now that’s 9 YEARS ago. At  the time our vet said when we took him in to register him that he was about a year old. So  that makes Louis 10 Years old. Now My son was right. We can’t believe he is 10 years old.

He has been the hardest dog we have ever had. His eating problems have been a nightmare. He is so fussy. He is unsociable on a lead. Barks at most people and dogs. bearing in mind he was attacked by a pit bull and a staff one afternoon resulted in hospitalization. I was injured at the time as I threw myself on top of the Pitbull  ripping it off of louis and hanging on to it while screaming for help mavis was trying to deal with the Staff which was tearing into him. The owners came to  our rescue and the saga began.

But indoors he is a loving soft-hearted friend and we love him to bits. He has improved with age. But only a little.

But that’s the joy of being a parent to a damaged dog. He was involved with a car before we had him . He was not wanted and was shut out all day to fend for himself. One side of his face is disfigured and he has a problem with  his back leg. He is petrified in traffic and hates being touched by strangers. When he gets used to them he will ignore them untill they talk to him his bark is naughty. But he is all mouth. When he was attacked he just lay down and let the 2 dogs attack without  defending himself. If we were not there I am sure he would probably not have survived the attack.

The police said at the time that there were a lot of “Trophy Dogs ” In that area and that they constantly  receive complaints. We have never been back to that area since.


rays welcome2

I’ve been sorting my phone out. In my contacts list  were hundreds literally hundreds of contacts. Many I just didn’t recognize. Some just numbers and some email addresses.

I  started wondering where were all this coming from . How was it getting on my phone.

I expect lots of you  will be thinking I should know this. I started deleting one by one. I thought this will take all day. Some came up with  this cannot be deleted. All annoying. So after more thought ,the light went on. Yes Ask Google.

So after several attempts I got into settings  .Found the culprit. They were set to synch data from Facebook and my pc data. So it  seems that every time I  open Facebook every new person that posts will automatically  get synched to my phone contacts. This is done by the default settings. Now Ive un synched data. And removed loads of contacts. So I hope now when I  go to  my phone app I wont see 100s of strange people.