An eventful day today. My usual dog duty done it was out  to the shed. I had a job to do . Mavis has been on to me for ages to sort the dripping tap. I had asked our plumber to fix  it. he said you  need a new cartridge for that and it’s a nightmare  if you don’t know the tap makers name. Which I didnt. As I said in the shed I need a spanner  etc.

I got the cap and screws and head off the tap but I just could not shift the valve Try as I might it was no go. Mave said what about my squirty stuff (wd40) that will shift it. Not holding much hope and thinking I will have to leave it and fork out £100  for a new tap. But  several  squirts of  squirty stuff and left it  for a cuppa. I tried again and YES it moved. I got the valve out I said We will go to B & Q later. But first I went on-line for guidance. It said count the splines on the top or the head wont fit. Check if it has an extra thread on top or not . measure the di of the body. Having done all this Counting the splines was hard. So I marked it with a black marker pen and using a 10x glass and a finger nail I counted 25 teeth.

Looking on-line it  showed that a 25 tooth spline was not made the nearest was 24 teeth. So I settled for that.

A trip to B & Q next. But as usual  they never have what I want. They had 20 teeth items but no 24. In the mean time mavis was walking louis around the estate and she told me there is a large industrial estate at the end of this road lets see if hey have a plumbers.

Ah Ha! They do.. I shot in and said have you got one of these.

HA! No sorry he said we don’t  do those. he went on at length to tell me my best bet was to go on-line. He gave me several  company.

Then he said have you tried ALL BITS across the road? No I said where?. He came out the unit and pointed across the estate try them he said. So  In  to  All Bits It said Trade Counter. He asked can I help you. I am not Trade I said but can I still buy here. Yes you can . Great have you got one of these. Hm! he rolled it ,held it up to look at it. What  the tap he asked. I don’t know I told him. All I know is it’s a 24 tooth 3/4 inch ceramic cartridge. All right he said don’t get all technical on me he joked.

He came back with an item plonked it on the counter and said ho do you know its 24 teeth. I counted them I said. You got better eyes than me  with that as another salesman was passing behind him he whipped  the guys glasses off  and said I need these. How did you do it he asked I said I used a black marker pen and then used a finger nail. He said but I aint got finger nails. But a couple of attempts later he said I make it 25 but as they dont do  a 25 it must be as you said a 24 .

When we got home it took only minutes to install it and turn the water back on. I said to Mavis ALL SORTED no more dripping tap. The total cost £7.20. Why didnt my plumber do that for me.


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