I was trying to determine how old louis is today. My son recently said he is about 9 or 10 years old. NO way we said he is around 8. So I set to  trawling back through old diaries. No joy  checked Blue Cross Memorial where I put his memorial. They said  no records found.

Then I remembered my little brown book. I used to write poetry and keep it in there. Lo and behold I found the poem I wrote for my previous Dog. Sasha  a jack Russel. She was 16 Years old when we lost her on a holiday in Cornwall. That was 2006. We came home that day and heartbroken we said No more dogs ever. We disposed of  her bedding and Toys. We moped about for about 6 weeks . Missing her every day. At that time Mavis was a keep fit  enthusiast and the women who ran the classes was a dog rescuer.

She knew we had recently lost our pet and she phoned one day and said. She has a dog that is in  danger and desperately needs a good home. He would be just right for us. Would we like to meet him. No thanks we said. And as the next couple of days passed we decided that it wouldn’t hurt  just to  see this dog. So we agreed to  meet him. So we accepted her offer. We  drove round to her house and knocked. We were met with bedlam behind the door Dogs barking  and jumping about. I’ve lost count of just what she had but it was several cats several dogs and god only knows what else. She said the dog isn’t here its up the road . We would have to follow her. So we set off a short journey away. She said the dog was being ill-treated and desperately needs re homing. We stopped outside a house and she asked us to  wait on the pavement. She  spoke to  a girl  at the door and we saw a white dog running out into the garden. It was a bit of a shock . Our  jack was short and neat. one you could easily pick up. What we were looking at was a taller dog covered in hair. Not at all like a Jack Russel.

I looked at Mavis  ,Mavis looked at me. What do you think  she asked me. Hm! Not sure I said. Still having the picture in my mind of our recently lost little Jack. I don’t actually remember saying Ok but we must have. Because shortly this dog was presented to us on a short bit of string. It had no  collar and no lead. It walked slowly up to us with head  bowed down. We made an attempt to  socialize  but it wasnt interested. But we put him in the Motorhome and drove back  to the womans house. Where we paid for  him. She said it was to help with vets bills etc.

When we arrived home he was very subdued and walked the short journey from our car park  to the front door without incident. He came in and we sorted food and water for him all of which was of little interest to him. He was very quiet . The rest is history really.

today as I said trying to  check his age. All this took place in 2006. Now that’s 9 YEARS ago. At  the time our vet said when we took him in to register him that he was about a year old. So  that makes Louis 10 Years old. Now My son was right. We can’t believe he is 10 years old.

He has been the hardest dog we have ever had. His eating problems have been a nightmare. He is so fussy. He is unsociable on a lead. Barks at most people and dogs. bearing in mind he was attacked by a pit bull and a staff one afternoon resulted in hospitalization. I was injured at the time as I threw myself on top of the Pitbull  ripping it off of louis and hanging on to it while screaming for help mavis was trying to deal with the Staff which was tearing into him. The owners came to  our rescue and the saga began.

But indoors he is a loving soft-hearted friend and we love him to bits. He has improved with age. But only a little.

But that’s the joy of being a parent to a damaged dog. He was involved with a car before we had him . He was not wanted and was shut out all day to fend for himself. One side of his face is disfigured and he has a problem with  his back leg. He is petrified in traffic and hates being touched by strangers. When he gets used to them he will ignore them untill they talk to him his bark is naughty. But he is all mouth. When he was attacked he just lay down and let the 2 dogs attack without  defending himself. If we were not there I am sure he would probably not have survived the attack.

The police said at the time that there were a lot of “Trophy Dogs ” In that area and that they constantly  receive complaints. We have never been back to that area since.


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