linda r n Mave

I just dont remember taking this picture. It may not even be mine. But I like it. It was during a recent visit to London.

Another Brilliant Ebay seller. I got a computer from ebay on 17 june. £0 day returns Buyer pays for postage and all that guff. Well its over 30 days now. But its got a noisy hard drive. Its really annoying  . So late last night I emailed them not to complain but  explaining  the situation. I said it sounds like cardboard  rubbing on  the spokes of a cycle and its constant. I explained Ive had it out the case to check. Would they accept just the drive back.

At 7.30 this morning a reply that surprised me. Of course  we will accept it. please send a photo of the particular M/C so we can reload windows on a new drive we will collect the old one from you on delivery.

HOWs That for service. No fuss or bother.


Ive sent 4 pictures now so I am in there hands. I will keep you posted.


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