Long ole day . mavis woke me up at 4 am. Wake up wake up she was pushing me. Weve overslept she said. What? . Its 4 am we have another 45 mins yet. But  we were awake now so up we got.

I was up earlier at just past midnight I felt really sick. And chronic indigestion. So I didn’t sleep much anyway.

Mavis said she felt sick  too. The journey up  we both felt sick.

We left for the Marsden at 5.45. We arrived at 8 am. We  went straight to the toilets and then for a coffee. At 8.30 Mave was called in for Bloods and stuff. At  10 to 10 in to see the doctors. Wow  this is early. No problems. She didn’t mention the sick feeling in case it caused problems. But we went down for a coffee and a bun but Mavis didn’t want anything she said she felt rotten so we made our way back to the waiting room. She said Ray I feel terrible what should I do. If i say anything they may cancel my drug.  So I went and spoke to Lorraine the senior nurse  and said Mavis is not feeling well. Whoosh she was ahead of me  straight  into  see her. Whats the matter  she asked. It’s not like you to be sick. You are always so bubbly. She took her into the treatment ward got her sat in the comfy chair. She did temperature and BP readings. She said I am not happy with this and she went and got a doctor. I said we were both feeling sick earlier but I am a bit  better now. She was given intravenously an anti sickness drug.They decided to postpone the drug for an hour . The nurse went and fetched a warming belt because she was shivering uncontrollably and she was so flushed. The wrapped her in a blanket. I sat  over her and she dropped off for a bit. An hour later  when they checked both readings had improved ever so lightly. But as the change was a little better and not  worse. They decided to  continue with the drug. While we waited we were offered tea and coffee and Toast. Mavis said she felt a bit better. At 3pm all was done and we left for home. What we had not anticipated was the effect operation stack was going to have. we sat on the m20 for over an hour and covered less that 2 trucks lengths. Lots of us got out and were walking about on the motorway. We  finally got home at touching 6 pm. that’s 3 hours to  do an hour and 30 min journey.

What I would like to do  to those selfish french is not printable here. We hear that we can’t refuse immigrants because its EU law to have freedom of movement. But what about my freedom of movement when because of them Kent comes to a grinding halt. Dont I have any civil rights as a citizen. No I don’t.


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