I think we have got over the worst  of yesterday. Mavis although  Tired is much better today Me I have been ok  up to about  1 ish then that sicky  feeling came back. Louis walk was a bit hairy. I thought I was going to be sick but I wasnt. I  crept  into the front room and crashed out  for a couple of hours. Thats normal  a day after the marsden day mental and physical  exhaustion .

You would think it was me on the treatment instead of mavis.

Update on my  computer . I had email this morning. They have reloaded windows onto a new hard drive and it should go out today. Ive packed the old one and its ready for collection. With luck it will be here tomorrow.

I only hope I can remember how it all goes back together.

If the weather holds we may get a few days camping in at the weekend. I think we  both need a break.

Walking up the lane this morning I saw hundreds of young small butterflys. Clouds of them it was like walking through snow flakes. They were swarming over the blackberry bushes and they are only just at the bud stage.


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