l4We were  going  away today but its a bit windy and overcast so its on hold. We took loui to the park and  we had to get the car filled ready for  the marsden on Tuesday. Big day  a scan day again. Its number 30 infusions . Over a year now. Apart from a few minor problems she is doing remarkably well. Long may it continue.

All being well we are off tomorrow for a couple of days. Forecast is good.

Next job is to  clear down mavis old pc. i am still waiting to get win10.

Ive finished sorting maves new computer. All her stuff is transfered over. Next is strip her old one and see what I can do with it.

Ive tried several times to update mine to win10 but because Ive reserved my copy it wont let me do it now. Frustrating. I spent 3 1/2 hours yesterday down loading a program to  let me download  win10 now but  after all that  the app had to be burned to a dvd first. Having done that it  turns out to be win8. Most confusing


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