Early  rising up at 5 am i took louis up the lane at  5.30 as I  Stepped outside Right in front of me was a very large column of orange light in the sky. I thought it was a big flame from a fire. But as I stood trying to make sense of it the misty morning clouds thinned a bit and now I could see it was  part of a rainbow as more colors were visible. As I walked on round the corner  in the distance I could see the other half. Walking on out into the lane the whole rainbow was now in full view. Amazing. But it didnt  last long almost as I watched it all misted over .

Soon  it was over and our journey to the marsden began at 10 to 6. A few hold ups on M25 but nothing bad. We arrived at 740. went for a coffee and a pee needed as trapped  for 1 and 1/2 hrs  not funny. Bloods done by  8.40 and next its down in the lift and  onto the scan dept. With scan d one its back to our ward. Wait for the Dr. (.45 called in to see Dr. Lots of social chat and laughs. Examination and checks over . Now down to  get coffee and a bite. I was disgusted. NO Belgian Buns. I have one of these every visit. Today an apple filled thingy. Not very  nice.. Next back to  the ward to wait. and wait and wait and wait. By 2.30 I went and asked whats happening we are still waiting 4 hours after Drs. It would seem another cockup  in the system. next we were ushered  back into the Dr. he gave us scan provisional results. All is fine he used the word passive continuity. Whats that mean. Well  its too early for exact results because  we need measurements. So it means its continuing on the same course of shrinkage but how much we must wait till next time. But as he said its going in the right direction its not  changed  and gone back. Its good news.

We continues to wait untill 3.15 . We  finally left at  4.15 .Journey home OK we got home at

10 to 6. A whole 12 hour day  down to the minute. So tiring. Now we have 2 weeks off. No good moaning about a few hic cups when  it all adds up to  a life saving journey.


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