As far as computers go i am not having a lot of luck lately.

The laptop I got for mavis at christmas has problems now. Even though  she probably hasnt used it more than half a dozen times   it started printing  rows of J in search bar. Googleing it   it said a potential problem with Acer. Key  is stuck. So I squirted contact cleaner. No Luck. It says try removing the key. I did .Still not working. Now it doesnt work at all. So Ive contacted Tesco on line as its under guarantee. That was early this morning. But as yet  no solution. Checking google for this problem it seems to be prevalent. So if your looking for a laptop dont buy an acer aspire 15.5. When I googled it  to buy it  I found the 10 inch one which I wanted said the acer  had keyboard problems so I went for the bigger one . But it also has problems. I have a Dell and the quality of the build is much better. But at twice the price thats to be expected.

Its been a dull wet old day. One day hot sun next day cool and wet. Yuk.

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