At last UPS have collected Mavis laptop. Going back for repair. Watch this space.

I ordered a drain Tap for my van which was due last Thursday but it never came. I contacted seller on ebay today. It was signed for by a neighbour who forgot about it. I had to go and ask him today if he had it. Then I had to get back to ebay seller and appologise. Never a dull moment. I wanted to cancell a sim card  today Ive been worried about doing it as I am told Ok they wont let you cancell No way.

At first I had problems conecting on mobile ended up on a land line. When I eventually got to the right department ,you know what its like  please note the following options bla bla bla after 6 press 1 press 2 etc I got a pleasant voice. Hello I understand from your choice of options that you wish to leave Tmobile. Can you confirm your full name and email . Now can you confirm from who you  purchased. Thats fine all done for you now. anything else I can help you with. Have a nice day. So painless.

Now I am hunting for a new phone.

Mavis and me cut back the plants in the garden on half the garden. Knackered.


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