l n m2

I bought some paint  earlier in the week. i wanted white gloss. After hunting numerous shelves I found the size tin I wanted. gazing at all the tins I picked one up and carried on  for other bits. Today  I decided to start painting. When mavis pointed out  that I had bought Black paint not white. Hows that  I asked. Look at the black lid that speaks volumes. Ok so another trip out. can I exchange this black paint for a diferent one I asked. Its not black  its red. RED I said RED? Its got a black lid I pointed out. Yes but the colour band is RED she showed me. My god a skiny little label about  1 inch long and barely a quater  wide was red. Not very good labeling. Anyway I had found an un opened tin of white in the shed. So we decided to  change my tin of  black or red for GREEN. They didnt have much of a choice  but I got a green.

I have today managed to  put my own ringtone on my new phone. Very Little help  on pc but I got there in the end. The top picture  is from phone today  not too bad quality. I need to experiment more.

Sometimes theres something on TV worth staying awake for.Ive just watched  90 mins og 50 Years of Musicals in MGM. Ok its a bit dated now but I did enjoy it.


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