Well after a frustrating week with no internet connection we were  finally  conected at 4.30 today. Mavis has been climbing the walls. What she wanted to do with OPENREACH is not printable.

I must confess I am far from impressed with Openreach I think a week to  repair my fault which turned out to have been water in the joint was far from good customer service. But  they have the total monopoly so  in the end they dont have to give a shit. If there was an oposition company then they would go out of business.

Ive had a job getting back into  it all  .I had a list as long as your arm. But what  annoys me is when you log in and are told Password is incorrect ,after upmteen tries it  decides it was right afterall.

I can only apologise to  all my friends who have missed my daily puzzles. Please bear with me because for some reason  my  saved puzzles have disapeared and I need to  sort that and on top of that we are away for  a couple of days. But as soon as I am back You will get  them back. We think the week without a conection is the longest in about  25 years even in the bad old days of dial up it was never that bad. Only problem now is our download speed has halved. We hope it will pick up again..

I think  our Marsden day today was probably the worst  so far weve had 34 infusions thats 68 weeks.  As usual we left here at  5.45 am travelled for  2hors 50 mins through torrential rain. One could hardly see 50 feet in front The m25 was just a blurry smeary red blob of rear lights through wipers at full speed. Then we decided as discussed not to have tea or coffee e in case thats what  brings on mavis funny turns.  So as we were late arriving it didnt matter. Booked in bloods all done by 8.30am doctors  done by 10.15 am. Now we go down  for a bun and pass the time.

On the return Richard and Lynne were in the waiting room. We caught up on chitchat.  Around 1 pm we were told pharmacy had a problem and we had not been processed yet. Alarm bells started ringing. At 3.30 we were called in but only for a coffee and biscuit. Because drug still not ready. Oh dear its going to be a late day. at  just after 4pm the drug was ready. So now it was 5.15 we were able to leave for home. We got home at 6.45 pm. Poor ole louis ,went mad to see his mummy home safe..

One of my first jobs was sort mavis keyboard. Last thing last night she spilt 2 not 1 but 2 mugs of coffee all over it. This morning most of the keys were well and truly stuck. So  hot water washing up liquid was order of the day. I soaked it and washed it. It’s now on the radiator drying out. i will know in  the morning if it works.


I had my first lip reading class today. Not sure what I expected but it was OK..

Its another wet day here. Nothing new then.

We need to get ready for Marsden day  tomorrow. These 2 weekly visits come round so  quick.

The past 2 visits mavis has had a funny turn. We think it might be down to the tea or coffee. So this week we are taking our own drink to see if that makes a difference.



Ive been busy  painting etc in Bathroom. Its all drying nicely. Looks clean and fresh again. Only got a couple of pipes and a small  bit of skirting to do.

Ive had to do a couple of small repairs and a bit of Glueing but I got there. Next room to tackle is the Bedroom. I am dreading that. But not this week. Trying to keep secrets from mavis is hard. Ive had one for several months now a secret weekend  all planned and Paid for. Keeping it noproblem. Untill she got invited to another conference which she really wanted to  go. I had to say sorry but you cant go. Why she asked. I had to tell things are arranged and booked up. Oh well thats life.

Only one more lay in before Marsden day again. I dont know where this weeks gone.


windy maveOverslept again. But sun is shining. Done a bit today tried to repair one of mavis s fairy lights..We went for a walk along the seafront in the sunshine. Done a couple of puzzles. Oh Yes decorated half the bathroom. Do the Rest tomorrow.


lazy ole day. Its been bright and sunny. Louis got his walk. My leg has been ok today. So the pills must be helping.

I keep looking at my  paint brushes waiting ,but I have not been upto it. But perhaps  over the weekend I can do the bathroom.

Ive had fun and games trying to  add a ringtone to my phone. Why they made it so difficult. On my Samsung it was easy. But  Ive done it now.


An out of the blue  phone call today . An old friend said she had an email from me. But I didnt send it. I explained it was stolen info. I dont have this friends details in any contact list. The Last time we spoke was 5 years ago. So how did  she get an email from a contact list thats at least 5 years out of date.

Just what these spammers get out of it I dont know.

I have spent today doing a jigsaw puzzle. I thought I would make it a hard one. I usually keep them to about 160  pieces. Todays was over 300. It was hard. it took me over 3 hours.. Do you think it would be fair to include it in my daily puzzles..

Update on my leg same as yesterday in and out of pain. Still taking the pills.