trainAnother wet day Oh welll!.

Ive been painting  drawers this morning. Normally when we start decorating We go through a couple of rooms at once. But i am  taking my time. Yesterday I did 3 cupboards. Today one cupboard and 4 draws fronts. Speedy I am not. Yesterday I was unsure of the colour but today it looks ok. Mavis says OK. I gave her the opportunity to  let me get another colour and I would start again but she said no its fine. I have one cupboard and 2 large doors left in kitchen. After that I am keeping my head down below the parapet.

We went and bought  tickets for train tomorrow. I can’t believe it was £84. Jesus I didn’t want to buy the train only wanted a seat on one. And that was not the full price because I have a rail card.

I’ve second coated my  draws now all dry handles fitted. I must say the colour grows on me.

I thought I had broken my new phone it was locked and I couldn’t unlock it I don’t know what I did . I just need to get used to it. It’s no good throwing it across the desk hoping it will sort itself. I have to be patient. But Patience has never been my strong point


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