An early rise at 6 am ablutons done done walked dog. Mavis panic should we go now in case there is an earlier rain. We wanted the 8.24. But we got to the station early. In time to catch the 7.24. But it was cancelled the o8.24 was cancelled we had to wait  for the 8.50. Then change trains. We  were suposed to get to Victoria at 9.53 instead we got in at 10.22 The meeting started at 10.  But a quick walk and we soon found the Venue. We were greeted as they knew mavis was coming we were ushered into the lecture  and sat to gather our thoughts but  it was almost over and ready to move onto the next room for another lecture. It was like that all day a couple of breaks for coffee and a lunch break all laid on. Most of the lectures were over my head. But the high light for both of us was to meet Fred Dinage. He was Chairman for the meetings. For those that dont know Fred He is the Southern TV News Presenter.

What a lovly man. So friendly anf so interested in mavis story. He seemed so Genuine. We had a couple of Photos with him but Ill  let mavis do that bit on her post. The Trains home were not much better. We arrived at 5 to 4 and standing on the platform was the 1607. We decided not to  catch it because it was  not going all the way home so we let it go and waited  untill the 1638. But no one told us that  it was also not going all the way home so we could have caught the earlier one. But we did manage a strawbery shake and a medium Fries. We got home just after 6 pm another long day. But mavis enjoyed it so thats all that matters.


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