peir (1000 x 741)

This is a Tile that was sent to mavis this week. So  now its been turned into  Tomorrows Puzzle.

I was up early today not because I had to . After my normal walk with louis I came back to  more decorating. One of the walls I did yesterday looked patchy so I had to do it again. next it was off to the passageway where a couple of coats  were in order. Its quick drying so  one more coat all round. Later we took louis  for his run in the park . Mavis was doing a bit in the garden. Yo wouldnt like to cut the grass would yo she asked. How could I refuse her. So  Cut  the grass I did.

Do you remember my phone alert problem. Yesterday I was certain I had sorted it. But during evening meal Off it went again dead on time. Ive trawled back  through it again and once more I think Ive sorted it. But i am no longer confident.


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