My  whinge for today. Forms.

mavis had to re apply for her blue badge today. But I am the one to fill it all in. They have changed the form this year. The questions are diabolical. I think  the form was devised by a psychopath. it took 1 hr 20 mins to complete. So many  repeated stupid questions. You would think I was applying  for  refugee status instead of a parking permit. Example Do you need support in walking  if yes state what support required. Answer a walking stick. Next question  How did you acquire the walking stick was it  provided or was it a private purchase. Answer Private purchase. Next question. If private purchase from where did you purchase it.

I couldnt believe it. What  possible relevance has this line of pointless crap is it to a parking permit. I expected it to ask when did you last pee and how much was it A cupfull a mug full or a bathful.

I dont have any decorating to do today so I can  store my brushes and paint away.

I watched a sci fi film this afternoon Sargon. Odly enough it was about  mans trip to mars. I was shocked when  it came up that  the halfway point was dated 6 September 2015. That was yesterday. I dont  know when film was made  but how odd was that.


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