It was Marsden day. need I say more. Doctors are in awe of mavis progress. He said today its fantastic for you mavis and it’s really really great news for us that we have a patient like you  doing so remarkable on this trial. Long may it continue. Well Ill go along with that,.

Our journey up and back was good for a change.

We had a few laughs  whilst in waiting room and later  with the nurses. What a great bunch.

Louis was pleased to see us home again.

You may recall Ive been driven mental by an alert on my new phone. Ive turned everything off and at 6pm off it goes. So many times I think Ive cracked it. Well  sitting all day in hospital I was playing with the phone and I found it in the clock app. set for 6pm daily. I must have set this up  when I first got it as an experiment. So 6pm tonight silence.yippeee! mavis tells me Ive not finished my decorating as I havent done the bathroom. Oh well brushes out again  maybe tomorrow.


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