Ive had a pain in my calf for 3 days now makes walking painful. it wont go away despite pain killers and creams. This morning  i hobbled into the Den mavis said please go to the Doctors. So  half awake I phoned for an appointment. Just come in they said. So one cup of tea later I was in the surgery and its only just 9a. The Dr was very thorough measureing and comparing and proding on the  couch off the couch. Questions questions. She was not  happy. So she refered me to the Medical centre up the road. So off I went to book in. More tests ,questions. Move onto  another room. Blood tests ,questions. We will have the results in 30 mins. Sit waiting again. called back. He said much to my surprise your blood shows elevated levels. I did not expect that he said. So  next a clot busting injection in the tummy. Ive got another one 24 hours time so its 12.30 tomorrow then back again at 3.20 for a scan. Then what I asked. Wait till we see the scan results. So thats my morning gone no time for todays puzzle sorry.


Ive spent the past 2 hrs wiith my leg up and it been Ok. Now I have got up its not funny. I am walking with a stick to take the weight.


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