Its no fun getting old. I was awake with the pain in my leg about 3 am. Couldn’t get back to sleep. Hobbled to the toilet twice. got up and made cuppa at 5 am we sat watching telly finally got up  6.30. I have to go to the clinic at 12.30 for another  jab in the belly. Then 3.20 for a scan.


First appointment over waited an hour.

Afternoon   one was a Doppler ultra sound. very thorough  she was too. A soon as we walked in she said you will have to take your trousers off. Oh I thought ! Ok off with keks.  On the couch. She slapped a load of COLD Jelly  from my groin to my toes. She took ages squeezing my leg untill it hurt.Lots of adjustments being made. How is it  going I asked as I looked at the screen. Can you tell if its a boy or girl yet . Eventually  she was done. I said well! have I got a clot or not. Yes you  do have a clot she said.. So I was left to wipe all this jelly off and get dressed. She said I will  make the report and you will  wait outside and someone will  call you. …. I was called in and was told that they think  atthis stage the treatment offered is a course of special pills to take daily over the next 3 Months. Then a re evaluation. So after 2 days its sorted. I have DVT and I have pills to sort it.

He said can you manage that. I said No problem I will just put them with all my other pills.

I think mavis is a bit relieved now. I think  she had visions of me having a leg off. I joked with her and said remember what Ive always said If I have to have one leg off they can take both then I can have 2 false ones about  5 or 6 inches longer. But she didnt find it funny.


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