I over slept to 9.30. At least I slept OK. But the instant I  put my feet on the floor the pain in my leg was severe. I  got to the bathroom in agony. I made a cuppa. but just standing  waiting  for kettle was agony. I  went into the den and now the pain was unbearable. At that point I could have cut it off I couldn’t believe it. i just sat  in sheer agony . I took  3 pain killers and the pills they gave me yesterday. half hour  later it had only lessened a bit. Louis was looking at me waiting for his morning walk. Mavis said she would take him but I said no give me 10 mins in  bathroom and Ill see. She suggested I use a stick. So Louis me and a stick stepped out the door. i was a mess walking him. But I did it. At the moment its 11.30 and although  it’s still throbbing at least I can manage that. Ive  done some of my chores so not totally useless. According to the Dr yesterday this pain could last until my body gets used to the drug.. This is all I need.


After lunch both of us nodded off  the leg is just a dull ache at he moment. Ive taken to  getting up from pc and walking round the place to keep mobile.

Its now 7.30 and my leg is fine Ive taken all the pills they gave me. I hope this is how it will be. I will know  when I get up in the morning.


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