Ive been busy  painting etc in Bathroom. Its all drying nicely. Looks clean and fresh again. Only got a couple of pipes and a small  bit of skirting to do.

Ive had to do a couple of small repairs and a bit of Glueing but I got there. Next room to tackle is the Bedroom. I am dreading that. But not this week. Trying to keep secrets from mavis is hard. Ive had one for several months now a secret weekend  all planned and Paid for. Keeping it noproblem. Untill she got invited to another conference which she really wanted to  go. I had to say sorry but you cant go. Why she asked. I had to tell things are arranged and booked up. Oh well thats life.

Only one more lay in before Marsden day again. I dont know where this weeks gone.


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