Well after a frustrating week with no internet connection we were  finally  conected at 4.30 today. Mavis has been climbing the walls. What she wanted to do with OPENREACH is not printable.

I must confess I am far from impressed with Openreach I think a week to  repair my fault which turned out to have been water in the joint was far from good customer service. But  they have the total monopoly so  in the end they dont have to give a shit. If there was an oposition company then they would go out of business.

Ive had a job getting back into  it all  .I had a list as long as your arm. But what  annoys me is when you log in and are told Password is incorrect ,after upmteen tries it  decides it was right afterall.

I can only apologise to  all my friends who have missed my daily puzzles. Please bear with me because for some reason  my  saved puzzles have disapeared and I need to  sort that and on top of that we are away for  a couple of days. But as soon as I am back You will get  them back. We think the week without a conection is the longest in about  25 years even in the bad old days of dial up it was never that bad. Only problem now is our download speed has halved. We hope it will pick up again..

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