Home again. Good few days in stratford. Sorry about the lack of puzzles. Its not easy  when not on my pc. I am working on it. Met lots of old faces. Had a few laughs. Mavis is over the moon,she has really enjoyed every minute. Thats good enough for me.

I think Ive sorted most of my  bits out. Working my way down my  to do list.

Ive laid back this afternoon and enjoyed watching an old film on TV Ben Hur. Charlston Heston. Its donkeys years ago when I last watched it Probably in the cinema in the late 50s. I really enjoyed it. They dont make em like that anymore. TV is full of stupid cooking or quiz rubbish programs.

Cheap  thats why.

Does anyone else miss the old car tax disc. It was good to be constantly reminded when it runs out.


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