Ive been busy doing my bits and bobs. I had  a blood test  yesterday  to check on my DVT. Ive been trying to sort  the re publication of maves book. I have been working on  her next book.. Last night I had a problem I clicked on a link in my  diary and wow it deleted all my notes. Devistated. Eventually I  recovered it. There was no  warning do you want to delete this. It just did it. Technology sucks at times.I just got one of those quad usb chargers. At the moment I have 4 separate chargers. I  noticed while away  at the weekend the hotel had only 1 3 pin skt on the dressing table and a couple scattered about the room. So with my new quad plug I can charge my phone and mavis phone and her tablet all from 1 outlet all for under a fiver. Another problem solved. On top of that 3 or 4 3 pin  usb plugs in your case is a pain.

We are off to the Range to see if we can get a smaller travel case. To make life easier on the underground. Humping our dual case up escalators is no fun.


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