Another  on line purchase cockup. I ordered a replacement TV remote.  It arived today but is not what I ordered. A phone call  to Customer service Tried to tell me that First I may not have understood setup instructions.( None included.) Then Told me That I did have the right remote but maybe some operations may be different.

I pointed out that I did not misunderstand missing and unnecessary setup instructions  which only required inserting 2 batteries. Not tooo hard.

And I told him I definately did not order this model. I asked him to tell me what I had ordered. Which he confirmed was not what I had been sent.

Next he asked me for the model number off my TV.  This he said was not recognized. Finally he agreed to accept a return . So now I am put out  due to there incompetance. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.


Good news is later on I stumbled on another one at half the price so I  emailed customer svces and cancelled the replacement and ordered it from Amazon.

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