Well win 10 was left overnight to finish  download and install. This morning it was still doing its bit. So I turned it off and on this kicked it into life again . Finally it was up and running. So far  it seems to be OK. It seems to have sorted up  my slow pc.

I had to go to Homebase. I have so many things that need a daily charge I usually have at least 4 usb cables in permanent  charge. Wires all over the place. So I decided to create a specific charge area. Ive bought a small shelf which I can fix over my pc and I can plug in all my bits and hide the wires away. Much neater. I have glued the brackets on and waiting for them to dry. I have wired up a 3 pin plug and socket so I will have power on tap.

Ive found 10 tips to  speedup win10 startup. Ive done all 9 of them but I didnt do the dvd player. I downloaded vlc instead its a better option than MS.


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