I got an email telling me that the book I published yesterday had been rejected today. It said The Title of the Book was not capitalized. HuH! That means because I called it I am a mesowarrior instead of I AM  a Mesowarrior it had been rejected.

So I took the bull by the horns and decided to  withdraw it instead of revising it. I didnt like the Minimum Price they had set on it. So  I have spent all day again  editing and re formatting it again.

Then I  had heart in mouth and  got to the publish page where it said revise or remove. I  slowly pressed remove. Wow! Now I was where I was yesterday. No Book available.

Several hours later after editing reformatting and converting I was ready to  publish again. But First it had to have a cover designed again. I think that was  stressful. I spent ages using their easy design wizard. Easy my backside. It was not  self explanatory. I constantly got locked out. It just would not  do what I wanted. Then in frustration I pressed some buttons hoping  it would work. At last success. A new cover was born. It was now ready to finalize.

Here I was able to  set new perimeters  most important was minimum price.

Amazingly I could set it at under half of the  fixed price yesterday. Its now £5.00, much better .

Pressing the publish ready and wait with baited breath.

********** Up in  little green letters your book has been published .

But it said that yesterday!!!. Next it was necessary to  update all the links. I think Ive managed it.

I dont think  this publishing game is worth the effort.


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