teethoutWell it was Dentist day.  I was dreading it. Would he treat me today or  not. I could feel the  anxiety  building in the waiting room they were  running late. That didnt help.

At last Come in please  take a seat he said pointing to the dreaded chair.

How can I help he asked. I have 2 broken  teeth  that need to  go. Lets have a look  That HMM! was worying

I need to xray this  he said. So  more waiting. Ok  Xray seems ok he said.

Would yo u be happy to  have them removed today. My lips said Oh Yes please but my heart  was saying NO NO NO. Just lay back  and I can give you  the anesthetic. I thought the needle was hanging out my bottom jaw it was painful. As soon as I thought thats it his assistant handed him another one. Down the side of  my teeth  deeper and deeper. At last thats all done. But NO yet another one  more  stabbing. OK  we can wait a bit he said.

After what seemed ages he lowered the chair. Open  for me he said. In came the pliers. I shut my eyes and waited. I could feel the  downward pressure and feel him wiggling . I  heard it scrape  against my jawbone rather than felt it.

Next same procedure on no.2 that one was pretty quick same noise.

Next he started on the third one. I think it was a problem I  heard it crunching he was pushing , at one point he held my  bottom jaw while he was pushing and twisting more crunching. Clunk he tossed the pliers in his bowl. I thought thats it. But No  he reached for a bigger set of pliers. He moved up  behind me and started again. He said something to the assistant She had a tube in my mouth and was sucking  like mad. Next he was packing loads of  packing over my gums.  more mutterings. Please bite on that for me. I then had to  sit waiting with a mouth full of  packing. He  changed all that  and said Ok  all done. Please leave that in  . Dont eat or drink anything hot tonight he said. So I thanked him and paid up and walked back to the car. Mavis  said god what have the done to you. I mumbled 3 teeth out and it wont stop bleeding. I think its down to my anticoagulants pills. But No more tooth ache. What a coward.   Thats my day.


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