I was running about checking tv signals. For weeks now the Telly in the bedroom    looses its signal. I thought  first  maybe the signal strength  at night was lower. NO. Down to Bad weather NO Was the tv ok I know its not very old.NO. I checked the little blackbox outside. NO. I give up. A cuppa coffee later. Brainwave. The box in the back of the wardrobe. . Oh dear I couldnt pull the plug out. 2 Pairs of pliers and out it came. All corroded. Thats it. A new little connector and whopee A signal. I wont know 100% untill bed time?

Teeth problem getting better. Still heavily swollen . Still cant  touch it. But it seems to  be getting a little smaller.

Ive tried working on  maves book today but I  seem to have had a mental block. I tried several time but  couldnt face it. Maybe tomorrow.


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