I had a busy day. This morning  we went to the dental technician. Me to confirm the colour of the 3 teeth added to my plate. £150 worth. Mavis for a bite test. I  published mavis`s new book into an Ebook today. Just visit our web page under mavis book.

My new pc came so Ive been setting that up. I have not done any painting  been tooo busy.

Tomorrow got an eye test more expense.


Ive been trying to get Mavis`s new book on to an ebook but  all my efforts  failed. I never had this before. Not sure  where to go from here.

am on that merrygoround again. Painting  for a friend. Portraits I am not good at. I still have a bit of time. I hate to disapoint him. But its not  very good at the moment.

Ive been sorting pages on our web page. All these  jobs add up to time.

I am half watching Super vet. A Poor dog spot has cancer. Life is cruel .




At last Ive published mavis`s second book all 320 pages of it. Its taken me over a year to edit it and get it to this stage. I have almost given up many times.5 yr book cover

If anyone is interested ,details available on our web. Its been priced at £5.99

Book 3 is on the burner. But with Mavis`s recent good news I will have to make a lot of changes.

Ive been to the dental technician today to get  3 teeth added. My gums still have not  recovered from my recent extractions.

Now I am back to  sucking  biscuits again He has kept my plate  for a week. This has definitely been my worst ever  dental experience ever.

Trevs painting is going nowhere. But I will keep at it.


We are home from the best conference Ive attended. Learnt a lot this weekend.. Mavis cohersed me to talk and a promise to Liz Darlington had to be forfilled . So Speak I did. They seemed to  think I did well. I only hope so.LCWe left louis with our son over the couple of nights. But its home sweet home. When we opened the front door the heat leapt at us. We had gone away  and left the heating on at 20c..

Ive been catching up on e/m and fb. I hope you that do the puzzles managed to find them ..

The young lady Eman our  sweet friend was so happy with the painting I did for her.

Ive so many requests for me to do paintings for them There is no way I can fulfill those requests. But  I am committed to do one for a charity.


I  finished  editing Maves book last night. I proofed it this morning. All seemed Ok untill I did a revised word count and pages. It was over 168 thousand words and still  was 370 pages. When I put that to  the publisher  for costings. I  came out that  £11.60 per copy.

Wow! back to the editing table again. I am having to re read it all and cut cut cut. I want to get the cost per copy well below that. Maybe publishing  this side of christmas is a bit ambitious.

Its that time again  so its early to bed. Up in the morning  at  5am  as its Marsden day. We get scan results  . Fingers crossed.



No painting today. My mouth is still sore. I cant believe it after  all this time. I go back  to dental prac. on monday. Dont think it will happen.

Not done a lot . Its been wet and windy. Not pleasant.

Its that time again  wailing willy time.As if those 2 could sing Titanic. No one sings it  like Celone.. I have been proofing Mavis book. Still got a long way to go.  Oh I have done a puzzle tonight .


Its not very nice out today. After walking Louis  and a quick Tea. I decided to  paint. About an hour  later and some  paint overs and re do,s I  said thats it done. Another tea  and a check over. Always fatal I could see errors. So  a few more erasures and re do,s Thats it. Not perfect. But the overall  is not bad. Considering Ive not painted for a few years and a cataract and an old mans shaky hand  a few smudges I can say not bad.

I only hope she likes it. I will tell you next week when I give it to her. If I am not wearing it for a hat.