I have at last finished the Draft for Mavis new Book. Only Problem is its 480 pages. Now on my Lu Lu publishing POD  that when  published will cost  an arm and a leg. So Now I have the task of  editing it down to around 300 pages. No Mean fete.

My tooth saga is still improving even if slowly.  I haven’t  done any painting today maybe after  dinner tonight.

I can see so many changes to be made. I am running out of time. I must get my ass in gear.

My walks with Louis have been  very cold and so windy today. I hate winter. I have a list of things I have to do before next weekend. How can I slow down time and yet speed up   myself.

I forgot to  mention last weekend at The carnival we passed a Thai Fish and chip shop. We were looking for a restaurant but with over 70  coaches and all the car parks full and somewhere in the region of 30 thousand people  crushed into the street, restaurants with seats were a no no. I said I would love a bag of chips. Proper chips not the cardboard  manufactured  chips.  So it was decided to go back and find it. It was all very comical the entire staff were Thai. And only one who spoke English and was rushed off her feet  taking orders and interpreting for the staff. Listening to them calling out  wun shoshage un ships wie solt en vingar. When it got to our order  a girl called wun shoshage un ships wie three. Yes my son waved  at her that’s ours. But she had only wrapped sausage and chips x 1  we tried to make her understand  there was 3 bags of chips to come. But with  all of them shouting out the orders it was chaos. When the girl who served us was free we pointed to the wrapped  bag on the counter and said  need 3 more bags of chips. OK  she shouted to  one of them .  She  wrapped  3 bags of chips. But by now the  sausage and chips x 1 had been tossed aside. we frantically pointed to it at the end of the counter. But at last we left with all of it. I saw the size of the bags and said I cant eat all that.

But they were so good I managed it. I haven’t eaten  chips that good for so long. Luvly Jubly.


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