After a busy day yesterday I ended up in a panic just before bed time. I had spent the last couple of hours on  the painting. Then I came back  to the den to  check emails before switching off . but I couldnt get into anything. Oh no not  another crash. I did the usual turn off and on a few times. But I got a weird message google error passcode. Never heard of it. But I couldnt google it because nothing was working. Getting anoyed now. Not helping. I  turned my phone on. Thats working I can get into things. Back to PC still not working. I threatened to  lob it in the skip. I plugged my laptop in. All was working there. I went back to PC frustrated. I was sitting with head inmy hands . What  can I do to sort this. Mavis said how many times have I told you to buy another computer.

Then she said is it because its the batteries in the keyboard. OMG ? Sure enough they were coroded. I replaced them and BINGO  I was in again. What a clever girl she is. Panic over. And I thought I was the PC man. Well there you go.

been painting again. Most of  it is done now . I wiped out some figures because I didnt like  them . The background is done I am happy with that. I need to add some figures and clean up some outlines.



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