Another day at marsden.m25 was empty wegot here at 7”15 sitting waiting cfor infusion.
Mave ishaving one of her turns too regular now.
It is bloody cold here. I have a  big jumper and a heavy furcoat.
Probably got another 3 more hrs here. Co workers
/ f


Spent a lovely day in London with Linda and her daughter Emma  all the way from LA.,Mandy.Linda Thomas, Judy,kieron.

It was cold sitting outside in Covent Garden beside the lego Train,so linda booked a table over the road. Much warmer. I think we alll had Fish and chips. I havent had that for ages.

Linda had to leave around 3 so the party broke up. We got an earlier train home than expected. We got home just before 6pm.

Now its an early night  for Marsden in the Morning.


We are back home now. Another christmas over. i think the older you get the more tireing it becomes. you try not to nod off after dinner but it cathes up with you. This was the first journey  up to terrys new house The journey was not too bad up and today  a few patches  on motorways but  in 2 and half hours we were home kettle on 3 hours unpacked washing on all back to normal. Untill next year.


This Christmas is extra special to me. It’s the first one in 6 years that I don’t live under the threat that Mavis might not see next Christmas. Our recent good news at the Marsden has lifted that long dark cloud. Each christmas during the past 6 years has been met with happiness that Mavis has reached another one ,and fear that she might not see another one.
Thank you to all the Doctors and Nurses that have made this one the best one for ages. I know that the unknown is always present but not this year.
We will be celebrating with a renewed heart.
Love you mavis.


How come they put  on all the tear jerker films at christmas. I watched  a Dogs tail tis afternoon. Some of it was predictable. It was about life through the eyes of a dog. He used to  go the the station  at 5 pm every day to meet his master. But one day  the master died.

After which  every day  he would sit outside the station waiting. He slept under  n old abandoned engine and never left the station. It showed one year— Two Years— three years never leaving the station  through  heatwaves and snow. He was fed scraps by a local  hot meal vendor.

But  I didnt believe he would sit and wait for 3 years. But  eventually  he died of old age. It was a true story He  actually  sat waiting for 9 years. I  confess to a tear or two.

I think my louis would only wait long enough  for me to realise  no more sweets or biscuits, then he would be off. Bless him.

Its turned cold  again. Well its   only 5 days to christmas. Then we can all return to normal again.


Yesterday when  out at Tesco I called in the Opticians. I  said I had not heard anything  about the referal they made when I had my test. Out of the blue today I got a call on my phone. Number not recognised. HM! I was about to swipe it off ,I dont know why but I answered it. Hello  she said it was the hospital they wanted to give me an appointment for my cateract . Surprised . But its In february for consultation and 4 weeks after  that for surgery. I was amazed . I expected to wait till about  september. I am  not looking forward to  the surgery but needs must. Anyone  out there  who has had it who can advise me ,welcome.

I got a card from my old Army Pal.

The new painting is coming on. I hope I dont lax again I should not make the excuse that I cant see .


What a day. Up at 5am  out on the 2 hour  journey on M25  in the dark and drizzle and Fog  to the Marsden.

Arrived tired. Mavis had another one of her  funny turns again, This was the worst one yet. WE  had bloods done saw the Doctor and all is fine. We go down in the lift reach the canteen and off she goes  she has been sick  this time and it lasted from 10 am to 1.30 before she pulled round again.

Journey back home was 1 & 3/4 hrs in torential Rain. WE got home at 5.30  pm  a long long tiring day. Then I get an email from  ebay  saying  the seller wants to offer me £3 compensation for a product that  does not work. i am suposed to be happy with that. Yer right. I am fast loosing faith in ebay Ive had a few duds recently.