Been a bit busier today. Still filing teeth but getting there. Been shopping  for a few bits. I needed some glue. The painting I did for a friend needed framing. But the canvas I bought was a deep frame one and the frame I bought was not. So I have had to build the frame up with a frame to hold it in the frame.

Smashwords is where I published mavis`s ebook. But  they rejected it for their premium  sales. Its still  on sale in their book shelf . I ve had to  reformat  the layout and various other bits. But they refused the cover. Not  this not that change this and that. 5 separate times I have re formatted it and submitted it. It  now says congratulations  your published book has no errors. It will probably get knocked back in the morning.

I bought some software ages ago and I need to put it on this new computer. But The company told me to buy a new version. Yer right.

I hate these  sales calls. I had one tonight. He is in the area tomorrow and wants to check my electrics. But he was more insistent on me confirming that I own the property. I  told him I don’t want his check  he kept asking me why I didn’t want it. I  ended up  putting the phone down. Why don’t they just sod off.

Ive re glued my shelf and tomorrow that gets  put up again.


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