Yesterday when  out at Tesco I called in the Opticians. I  said I had not heard anything  about the referal they made when I had my test. Out of the blue today I got a call on my phone. Number not recognised. HM! I was about to swipe it off ,I dont know why but I answered it. Hello  she said it was the hospital they wanted to give me an appointment for my cateract . Surprised . But its In february for consultation and 4 weeks after  that for surgery. I was amazed . I expected to wait till about  september. I am  not looking forward to  the surgery but needs must. Anyone  out there  who has had it who can advise me ,welcome.

I got a card from my old Army Pal.

The new painting is coming on. I hope I dont lax again I should not make the excuse that I cant see .


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