How come they put  on all the tear jerker films at christmas. I watched  a Dogs tail tis afternoon. Some of it was predictable. It was about life through the eyes of a dog. He used to  go the the station  at 5 pm every day to meet his master. But one day  the master died.

After which  every day  he would sit outside the station waiting. He slept under  n old abandoned engine and never left the station. It showed one year— Two Years— three years never leaving the station  through  heatwaves and snow. He was fed scraps by a local  hot meal vendor.

But  I didnt believe he would sit and wait for 3 years. But  eventually  he died of old age. It was a true story He  actually  sat waiting for 9 years. I  confess to a tear or two.

I think my louis would only wait long enough  for me to realise  no more sweets or biscuits, then he would be off. Bless him.

Its turned cold  again. Well its   only 5 days to christmas. Then we can all return to normal again.


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