Today is a Sunday  early in january in another year. About time i thought about my past year. I can say  that what started out a year ago with misgivings and that deep rooted fear wondering what has the new year 2015 got in store for Mavis. How will her Marsden trial progres . What had I done that was worth while. Whilst still not looking forward to those M25 battles. They have proved fruitful. The Marsden has worked wonders for her. It has surpassed any wild dreams we may have had. She has continued to give talks up and down  the country and  expand her help groups. And only recently been awarded the BCA British Citizens Award for her work to Health.

Me well Ive given her my 100% support. Followed her all over. taken over a lot of her chores. So its yet another year under  her belt.


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