Mesowarriors Update. mavis called me earlier. It appears I got my terminology mixed up. After they removed her PICC line how they have been giving her the drug is via a Canula not a temporary picc line DERRR! got it wrong again. Anyway she has sorted the phone out and says she should have preceded the number with 9 for an outside line thats why she has been unable to use the phone. Sorted. Bit late but we live and learn. She gets 2 drugs administered alternatively throughout the day and night. But she is still on for release tomorrow she is down for more of the drugs in the morning and some more tests so she hopes to be free after lunch. She sounds perky still.
So it will be good to have her home. With luck she can do her own update tomorrow.

Ive done the washing and drying learned a lot of new skills  over the past few days.  I just hope we dont get snow tonight. Its a long enough drive as it is  I dont need the white stuff.
Thanks for staying with me.


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