Marsden day tomorrow. How quick it has  come again. A busy day  Bloods,  A scan, Then off for a new Picc line. Even after  her stay in Hospital on  Antibiotics and her home course. She is still not 100%. When will she be back to some sort of normality?.

I  know some of you are aware of our website problems. It started day b4 yesterday. I got a splash screen notice that  some  changes have beemade. Thats an understatement. First off of the 20 + Pages  that I had was instantly reduced to 6. after contacting ipage they said thats all you get on my plan. If I want my full 20 odd pages its going to cost me double. To me thats tantermount to holding me to ransom. I also run a paralell site where I  divide my pages to get round my restrictions. Lo and behold they told me  yesterday I am upto my limit. Is this a conspiracy ?.

I did a online talk  to ipage this morning because its escilated  to now I no longer have a web page. It has been closed to publishing. No reason for this they checked my account  and saw its still in credit . So they said they will get back to me in 24 hours. I asked if I  eat my words and go for  an upgrade will they credit me with  the 12 months left on my account. The answer is NO. You can upgrade but you pay the full price which works out at 4 times what I am curently paying. Thats robery. My dilema now is do I stick to my guns and do  what I told them to shove it. Or eat humble pie and pay up. this is not what Ive done much of  in my life. I usually cut off my nose first. I hate being  s..t on. My other option is go to anothe host. problem is it will  cause so much hassle to re do it all over . So for the time being  I ask that you beare with me and watch thisspace.


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