An odd day today. Up and away early  to marsden. First  Bloods done . Next it was off to another ward to get  a new picc line fitted. We were lucky they had a cancellation so we got   in early. Next  it was off to another ward for  a scan. WE had to wait  we were now too early. Next  we saw the doctor. The examination was as usual but  a lot of concern  over mavis  ongoing rash. The Dr. said with the recent problem with the secis infection and admittance for almost a week perhaps  she was reacting to too much  drug. She sugested we stop  for a week. So that is what she did. Drug cancelled. We now have to  go again next week for  tests. If no more symptoms  then drug is back on. If not? we dont   know. But at least this weeks visit wasnt  swamped with mavis doing her dying swan bit. Which now we know what that  was all about we shouldnt joke about it. Funny it was all on the news tonight re the little baby died from it. We didnt know just how serious she was..  She has been given 3 giant tubes of  steroid cream to clear it up. It has to be spread ALL OVER liberally I said Oh well I am your carer I am only doing my Job.


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