Although it  cuts me  to say it but  having  paid the Ransom . I am now back on  with  onestop again. its a lesson learnt about  eggs in one basket. But at least I  dont have to worry for another 24 months. maybe by then I will have calmed down a bit.

OK so tomorrow is Mavis`s big  day. She goes to Westminster Palace in London to receive her award. The BCAh. For those they dont know what it is. Its an alternative to  the Queens awards which are usually  to  Ministers and Peers and celebritys . It an award given to   ordinary people for  extra ordinary work and dedication. British Citizens Award. It covers muliple disiplines Mavis `s is in the catagory for Health. She has put an enormous  amount of work into  onestop over the past few years even though she was undergoing treatment herself. Her  thoughts for  others overshadowed her own problems. A truly amazing woman. I am SOOOO proud of her.

She shares this honour with  all her mesowarriors. Bless her.


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