One hell of a day. We travelled to London to meet Tracy and Angy. After a  Coffee we made our way to  Black Rods Entrance at Wesstminster. After passing through Security we were  ushered inside to begin a fantastic Day. Mavis was to receive her  BCA award for  her services to mesothelioma and mesowarriors. It was all a bit  overwhelming But we were greeted at the hall reception by Larry Lamb . We were shewn to our table. This turned out to be The Top Table. We sat with Lords and MPs. The place was filled with wonderful people.  We sat through all those inspiring people  receiving their awards. Untill it came to Mavis`s. How proud I was to   hear her presentation and to see her walk up to recieve it. It was a short  afair but more was to come later. We munched our way through  Sandwhiches and Champaigne. Good stuff not  cheap Carver.

After this initial Phase we were left to  mingle. We met so many nice people. I turned round and came face to face with Linda Robson. I  put my hand out to to shake hands  and found myself saying sorry may I. Of course you can she said and we shook hands and chatted   Mavis turned round and also  chatted.  I tended to stand back and just watch mavis talking to all these people.

Later we were guided outside to a waiting Tour Bus. This was to be a drive around London to Advertise the BCA awards  splashed all over the  buss.

Then it was to make its way back  where we were once more guided into  westminster to the final part of this presentation. More Champaigne and eats on posh  trays. It was held in  the  part called Church Hall. very nice Circular room. Once more the presenter was Larry Lamb. It was the final Part  where  each medalist was issued with  a scroll. And each was invited to say a few words. Mavis Thanked all the NHS and its Doctors and Nurses.

When this part of the ceromony was  ended,we were free to make our way home. So  outside it was a taxi  back to Victoria and the train home. Tracy and Angy came home with us to stay overnight. After chatting  and Coffee we were all shattered and  retired. When we got up this morning they were already up. We  arranged that later we would  give them a small local guided tour of  the area. Then a nice meal out. But all to soon it was time to take them to the station  they have a long  journey home. We were having a  laugh in the ticket Office and  a BR man came out and asked us to  calm down and make less noise because they couldnt hear customers at the window. Cheeky . But all to soon we were waving goodbye as the train pulled away. Now its back home  and get back to Normal. An end to a fantastic 2 days. Thank you Tracy and Angy and a special Thankyou to Mavis.  I will sort the photos tomorrow as soon as I can. 

Is the small video so far.


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