I hope I  have a better day today than I had yesterday. I think I must have been Tired from Thursday and Friday.

My Pc was a mess Win 10  had done its update thing and had put several of my items in the Recycle bin God knows why. Almost everything I did on it  was useless. It crossed my mind to  Bin the pc and go back to my laptop which is running win 8.1. I was wrapped up trying to get the videos and pictures of the BCA  up and running I had problems there. I  eventually decided  that an early night was needed. 10.30 and off I went. Problem so many things running round my head i didnt sleep much. This morning I was wide awake at  a bit befor 4 am so i got up made a cuppa and set too  on pc. At the moment I have managed to  download  most of what was missing or corupt. I mean how does win 10  delete all the software and drivers for my printer. Ive never had problems with that. But it  only printed garbage and would not scan at all. So  today I just hate win 10  not so much with a vengance. But its only 11 am so watch this space.


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