It was up  early and off to Marsden. We arived far too early  the traffic on M25 was nothing we sailed through but  we ended up  an hour early. Down in the canteen we got tea and coffee. Do you fancy some toast Mavis asked me. Yes nice one. So  I ordered 2 rounds of toast with  our coffee. Sorry  but you order that  in the other  half. So  we  found a table and I wandered into the hot food area. All lined up  Fried eggs bacon sausage and fried bread.  Can I have  toast please. Yes  its over there.  I couldnt  see any. Oh you have to  do it yourself  she said. So there I am  cooking  toast . I was chatting to  another guy  who we meet often. I  was looking for mavis but couldnt see where she had gone. I was almost out of the area when  the  cashier  said do you want to pay for that? Oh dear I was so embarrased. I said Jesus I nearly walked out without paying.

We sat talking  for  a while before going up and booking in. We were not sure  what was going to happen  today. But about 9 we were called in  it was time for bloods but as they looked at the bruising and a few woried  looks . They started to  remove the dressing. It was buried under a mass of dried blood which took ages to clean up but the nurse was so good. With  all that done and re dressed we had to wait for the doctor. Soon  we heard that familiar MAEVIS in the Ausy accent, it was Sam. How are you today  he asked how is this rash ,take your top off lets have a look. Ah yes its doing nicely . Everything else ok? Yes  no probs.  After checking  the results of the scan he said there is even more shrinkage from previous scan, thats good news. Right I am happy to continue with the trial but not this week So you can go home now and I will see you next week.

Mavis was happy to show her Medal  to the nurses all  were impressed. We  called in to do some shopping on the way home. I think Louis was surprised to see us back so early.

So for now we carry on.


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