I havent done much bloging recently as most of you  will know mavis is in hospital  for at least another week . So I am keeping busy. I have today had a serious clear out. Ive  dumped collected junk from my shelves. Mavis said would I do hers. Gosh a nightmare. But I waded through it all her shelves baskets drawers and paperwork piled up  around he PC. 99% of it is now in the bin. Her pills drawer  when I opened it  I was amazed. I thought it was BOOTS main stores. I have  sorted them and put them back into  boxes. She wont find a thing now but at least its sorted. Visiting is a bit of a problem. Its about a 2 hour journey   and the M25 is never good.  I am hoping to go up tomorrow. It will be quieter on A Sunday. With luck she may be home on thursday must  wait and see.

I  do get a bit bored on my own. Louis is sulking and missing his mummy so I am out of favour. Untill meal times anyway. I understand some have had problems getting her  recent radio kent interview in our web page. I have completely re done it now. Its independant of  Iplayer and its the full  interview. So you can try it again. Ive actualy  done a puzzle today so  I will try and keep it up. The sugestion I park my motorhome and live in the hospital car park  is a good one . But I cant see them allowing  it. I did camp at  Canterbury hospital when she was admitted but only for 2 nights. I did get a warning. I  received my replacement laptop battery the bloke rang the bell once Ding Dong by the time I opened the door he was in my shed. Oh sorry he said went back to the shed retrieved my battery handed it to  me in passing and left. I have a  6 inch square notice in my front door Please leave parcels in Porch. Der!!. I think he was eastern european by his accecent. maybe he cant read. Dont ask how he can deliver ?? Well Ive bored you  enough now so  until next time. WTS xx


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