Although  it was a trip to the Marsden it was not an early one. So no getting up at 4 am. I was awoken by  howling wind and driving Rain lashing the windows at 8.30. So  a lay in was a bonus. I  set off to visit mavis. I arrived to an almost empty carpark another bonus. at around 11,15. She looked well and was happy  to see me. How you doing was my  first question. But it seems at the moment and with yest another different antibiotic OK. It seems to be having no ill effects maybe because its through a canul and not the picc line. But her arms are covered with little puffs of cotton wool and plaster ,all the places they have tried and failed to get in a canula. Its in the back of her hand at the moment but it keeps breaking and so they  insert another one. The rash  to me looked a bit red and angry on her arms and fingers. But she assures me that  its under control and much better than it was. I checked her back which was a lot of dry scally skin but no rash. So I put some cream all over it and she felt more comfortable. She is gettin on well with the other 3 in her room all seem to be having a laugh. Funny thing is one of the regular nurses asked is your husband coming in today. Yes she said Ah thats nice  I think he is sweet. So it looks like ive Pulled there. But she is nice. They are all lovely bless em! .

The Doctor  came round  but  apart from  how are you today. Any pain? hows the rash? Whats your  team upstairs got planned for you. Hm! Ok I hear the new antibiotic is working OK. Right then and off he went. She  had to take some pills while I was there to. Also a strapping great Sunday Roast while I munched a cerial bar because the canteen and shop were closed on Sundays.

But after all the  Banter with  all the others time was marching on and it was time to leave. I did get a nice Kiss and a long Hug With a painfull expression in her eyes I finally said Bye and left to face the M25 journey home.  I got back in 1 and a half hours I left her at 5 to 2 and got in doors at25 to 4. Thats by the house clock as my watch had stopped again. It has played up this past couple of days. I am not going to buy another battery . I had one in it  late last year at cost of £9.00 I said I could get a new  one for  just a bit more so Ive ordered a new one on line. Batteries are bain of my life got so manny things on batteries.

Well thats enough rambling for now so  WTS

Ray XX


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