Only 48 hours and Mavis should be home. She told me  that At the moment she is doing fine . No further reactions. The canula is working fine the infusions have not upset anything. That providing things stay stable  they  should advise her that she can come home on Wednesday. So its fingers crossed. I know things can change quickly. But she has been stable since saturday evening. They  are  checking the latest culture tests tomorrow so I hope all is ok.

I have been a bit busier today. Knowing that she will home soon  motivates me to  do something. I had to rush out in the cold this morning in my dressing gown to  swap the refuse bins over I  put the blue bin out last night  and it should have been the Black bin. I went and did some shopping today getting  stuff in so that mavis wont have to think about shopping for a few days.

Our son phoned to check up on us.  then mavis `s younger brother phoned.  I did get anoyed  earlier at  quater to 8am the phone went I was still in bed. I heard the phone go. I dashed out  to answer expecting mavis. Guess what Bloody PPI. Just a recorded  gobblygook. I hope they heard me and will go forth and mutiply like I told them.


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