What can I say. I got angry with Mavis today. Ive been run Ragged doing everything so that she can rest. What does she do to  make me angry. She was  on her FB I was  laying on the sofa in the darkened room  watching TV. She  thought I was asleep. She quietly  took Louis out in the Dark for a walk. I had this empty feeling  that she was not indoors, you know what I mean. I  checked the  Den, not there, Checked the Toilet, Not there, The Bedroom, Not there. Oh shit I checked the porch No dogs lead no coat. I looked into the garden its dark. Now I am panicing she must have been gone ages. Silly sod she has had a  bad turn , she has fallen over and is hurt . I  jumped into my shoes grabbed my hat , my coat and dashed back for a torch. I had just  stepped into the garden when she came through the gate. Where you going she said. I should have said out of  my mind glad your  back safe. But I didnt I snapped IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THAT AGAIN  YOU HAD BETTER LET ME KNOW. It was actually a bit more severe than that believe me.


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