Its that time again. Marsden tomorrow. Over the past 3 months its ended up  with Mavis having funny turns, which  developed into  apylactic  shock. About a month ago  it was a bad episode and she was admitted for almost a week. Lots of tests done loads of antibiotics. Even a new picc line.

But  on her last visit having had  bloods taken. Our usual  doctors  checkup. We made our way  to the restaurant. And later a laugh and joke with  Prof Bono the Top man. Bang Mavis goes into  shock again. This time  the trauma team were called to her. I was in the Que for coffee. When Lynne came up and said Mavis is in a state. I looked up and could see she was out laying across the table. The team returned her in a wheel Chair to the Ward. This attack was by far the worst so far.  She was found a bed immediately. Well done Marsden. I was told she would be admitted. So  after I  was happy that she was comfortable I had to leave. During the 11 Days she was in hospital we kept in touch by phone. Her phone was playing up  so I ordered a new one that arrived today.

She has been home almost a week and although fragile she has done well. So you may be forgiven for thinking we have reservations for tomorrows visit. We have packed a bag  with  emergency stuff just in case.

I hope that this time tomorrow I can write that she is home with me and that no incidents occurred.

  Well I cant be good all the time. lol xx


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